Since about one year Thomas Vogel is the man responsible for H.I.S Jeans owned by Otto Group, Hamburg. We talked to the Division Manager H.I.S about his plans to further re-establish the denim brand that went through some hard times.

What’s your strategy to strengthen H.I.S Jeans
Our main goal is to focus on our brand’s DNA. Where do we actually come from? Simply speaking H.I.S used to stand for affordable denim with an elaborate fit. This is what we again offer to our customers with quality products in a key price range between 59 and 69 Euro.

Doesn’t the fashion degree play an important role as well?
Yes, it does, but we understand H.I.S to ride the trend wave as it breaks-not before nor after. We rather address to a more mature consumer, 40+ by real age, but mentally younger who of course looks for a different product than a 17-year-old. We think about great shape and fits, but keeping comfort in mind at the same time.

Will all that be enough to compete with the big chains?
You know, we totally believe in multi brand retail, but times have changed. Retailers need to reconsider their store concepts and how they present trends and brands. Today, it is about storytelling, you need to play a certain fashion or lifestyle theme all over your store and create event spaces for the consumer. The days are over when it was just enough to place shop-in-shops next to each other. Moreover, the retailer needs to be more of a consultant towards his customer to find out what he wants.