On 18 September, 2014, Karl-Heinz Müller, owner of the Berlin jeans store 14 oz., and his team celebrated the launch of the 14 oz. online shop.

"Our international customer base grows steadily, which is why we had to take the next step in order to serve our customers' needs (…). In Europe, some of our handpicked brands such as Toyplane, East Harbour Surplus and Grenson Glab as well as few pieces of Viberg and Tricker's are exclusively available at 14 oz.(…) We have been shipping many of these exclusive items to our customers worldwide – this has always been tied to an extensive guidance via phone or email. Now, our customers can easily order online in our beautifully designed online shop", said Karl-Heinz Müller, store owner of 14 oz. and Bread&Butter founder.

Diana-Li Evers was assigned responsible for the management of the 14 oz. online shop. The new website is compatible with all mobile devices and provides a large amount of information to each item as well as product imagery, model shots and styled outfits. Items will be send to all European countries.

“We like to see our new online store as a customer service extension to the brick and mortar stores for our customers outside of Berlin”, states Diana-Li Evers.