As a reaction to this week's developments and due to his intention to make the January edition of Bread & Butter happen despite of the recent turmoil, CEO Karl-Heinz Müller sent a letter to the remaining exhibitors. Bread & Butter forwarded this announcement to SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL:

“The plans that BREAD & BUTTER could not realize in the last seasons (consumer days, Barcelona) have led to a drastic decline in bookings for the event of the upcoming season in January 2015.

The radical structural change in the fashion industry and the intensified competition in Berlin, Germany and Europe contributed to the fact that BREAD & BUTTER has not been able to gather the number of exhibitors necessary to realize a significant event.

Apart from that, the coverage of the trade press within the last days has led to numerous cancellations from further exhibitors who had already registered, so that in the end there is only a small number of exhibitors left. 

Therefore, we would now like to leave it up to you to book another event, so that you have no damage at the season start.

If you want to stick to your booking at Berlin-Tempelhof despite the current circumstances, we ask you to please reconfirm your booking.

However at this moment we cannot predict how many exhibitors will attend the event in the end.

Therefore, please inform us of your decision as soon as possible.

Thank you and Best Regards

Karl-Heinz Müller“

Yesterday, referring to direct statements by some exhibitors, SI reported that these exhibitors had already been informed by Bread & Butter about the cancellation of the event at Tempelhof.
Karl-Heinz Müller in return negated the cancellation of Bread & Butter's January edition and instead still sticks to the plan that he unveiled earlier this week.