Scandi styles are some of the most beloved ones by global fashionistas –no matter which street style photos from capitals around the world you see, Nordic fashion influences are ever-present!-. Özgür Aylikci was clever enough to identify this trend when it was still on the rise and opened Mono Concept Store in Hamburg in 2007, maybe the first spot in the German city to wisely mix well-known labels together with small upcoming names in order to make the shopping experience an adventurous discovery journey. At the same time, Özgür wanted to offer affordable, wearable fashion to young adults aside of big retail chains. Continue reading in order to find out more insights about the offerings of this lovely and savvy-designed spot. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

Mono Concept Store Hamburg
Mono Concept Store Hamburg

Which are your personal favorite brands and why?
I like clothes which offer simplicity and clear minimalistic design, yet aren’t boring. Precisely, Scandinavian brands are doing a very good job in this field. I particularly like Minimum and Suit.

What role plays denim in your shop?
After a decline in chino pants, which outstripped jeans for some seasons, denim plays again a very important role –also for us. Jeans is a fashion staple that belongs in every closet. It's not easy to find a right pair though, thus professional advice is particularly important here.

Where do you order your products? Do you visit any trade shows?
Yes, definitely. I usually drive to Berlin and check all the trade shows there like Seek, Premium and Bright. Besides, this year I’ll visit the shows in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Are there any new brands which you have ordered for the first time now?
We are always searching for new brands; that is our mission when visiting fashion fairs. During the last season, we imported Rains; a Danish brand specialized in rain coats and which fits very well into Hamburg and its rainy weather. Also Ben Sherman is a new portfolio addition. In this case, we added it because most of our clients mentioned the brand when asked about labels that they would like to have in Mono Concept Store. It has been well received.

How has the spring/summer season been for you so far?
We are really satisfied with the SS15 sales. Some items were even sold out early, thus we had to reorder more stock. Our new brands were very well received as.

Mono Concept Store Hamburg
Mono Concept Store Hamburg

What is special about Hamburg´s fashion clientele?
Primarily, Hamburger customers are very loyal. If they discover a likeable shopping spot, for themselves, they’re always come back. They appreciate fair and honest advice, together with advice on specific brands and products. Last but not least, as we say in this city, they are always willing to “schnack” (chat).

What inspires your job as store manager?
I’m inspired by supporting my customers in their item selection and provide them with a joyful experience.

Why are you present on Instagram and Facebook?

We try as often as possible to share posts on FB and IG with our crew. It is a lot of fun to see how the things we post are embraced by our followers. Despite the fact that some posts might not get any comments, sometimes a consumer pops up in the store asking for a certain piece that we shared on a Facebook post.

Mono Concept Store
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