Stilding is a streetwear, denim and accessories store for women and men, founded by Timothy Brown in 2014. The moment one enters the store, one can feel a similar vibe as in a cool streetstyle shop in Venice Beach. Placed in the middle of the historic part of Würzburg, the store, with its feel-good atmosphere, invites to network and to participate in store events like after work shopping or club cooperations. Selected young fashion labels provide an exclusive choice. Getting inspired by elements from trade shows, gastronomy and hotel business, the retailer Timothy created a truly unique look using 500 year old exposed timbers which are fitted into the architecture of the store, along with mantra writings on the wall. With this store, founder Timothy aims to create a point of attraction which invites to hangout, relax and talk. Interview by Alexandra Spiegel

Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Please let us know the story behind your store. Why did you open your store?

It was a dream since ever. I began my training when I was 15 years old at the Zeitzeichen store in Würzburg. After my traineeship, I was responsible for the men’s shoe sector for a period of 7 years. After that it was convinced that I will open my own store. With the age of 22 my dream came true after 4 weeks of rebuilding a store in the old part of Würzburg.

What is the most important ingredient for successful retail?
The price-performance ratio and a good network are the most important.

What are the current bestsellers, as well as styles and brands? What is your personal favorite label?
I don’t focus on a certain label. We offer young designer labels and independent brands like Northland, Alcott, Feuervogel, Kyla, Bang Bang, Berna and Xagon. In general, sneakers, denim and oversized t-shirts are the current bestsellers.

How important is the denim segment for your store and which are the most popular styles?
The denim segment is very important for our business. This summer denim shorts are working really well. Skinny Jeans in black and blue are still bestsellers. Lately we integrated the brand Defend Paris into our assortment.

Denim & espandrilles
Denim & espandrilles
Where do you get information about new trends? And which trends will reach us in the fall/winter 2014 season?

I inform myself through our customers, the brands, trade magazines and trade shows. For the upcoming fall/winter 2014 season the trend color range will include a lot of black, white and grey. Oversized looks are already an important issue and the big sneaker trend will continue.

How do you keep in touch with your key customers?
We keep our communication open and flexible, we connect with our customers via Facebook, mobile and email.

What do you like about your location and the city in general?
Würzburg has an amazing historic part and it has a lot of different offers. The city is neither too small nor too big. An advantage of Würzburg is that there are a lot of customers, which visit us regularly. On top Würzburg has the most sunny days in whole Germany.

Store wall
Store wall
Do you also run an online shop and are you active in social media channels?

We currently don’t have an online shop, but we are very active on Facebook and Instagram.

Is there any role model store for you?
Not really, I get the inspiration from the fashion business as such, as well as from gastronomy and hotel businesses. In general, people who are brave to create and try new things are very inspiring for me. A special inspiration I stumbled upon was at a wellness hotel.

Herzogenstrasse 2
97070 Würzburg
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