Hannes Steim is the initiator of Fluxus, a unique temporary Concept Mall located in Stuttgart, dedicated to fashion, design, vintage and zeitgeist. The concept includes 16 shops that range from popup stores for fashion, design objects, accessories, furniture, jewelry, gifts, vintage through to gastronomy. The mall will be opened until end of 2015. Here, Steim explained his concept as alternative shopping destination and the advantages of owner-managed retail business with heart and passion in comparison to look-alike chains in many cities.

Why did you open your store back then? Tell us the story behind it!
In the end, the project Fluxus – Temporary Concept Mall started on a whim. In search for a retail space for a popup concept, we inquired the vacant Calwer Passage and in a second step we stated that we would like to take over all 16 spaces. The owner had an open attitude towards our plans, so FLUXUS was brought to life within 3 months. According to the motto fashion, design, vintage and zeitgeist, the offer ranges from popup stores for fashion, design objects, accessories, furniture, jewelry, gifts, vintage through to gastronomy.

How do you stay in contact with your customers?
We want to make sure our concept remains exciting. That’s why we host events like design markets, summer festivals, exhibitions, parties, table tennis tournaments and so on. Our most recent idea: an Urban Gardening project on the rooftop of the Passage.

What is it about your concept that others don’t have?
We are an alternative to the ever-present shop chains that make every main shopping street look exactly the same. We stand for owner-managed retail business with heart and passion. It’s a selected mix of fashion, vintage, furniture, unique pieces through to gastronomy and a tattoo studio. All of this fortunately attracts a wide audience. In addition it’s called FLUXUS: everything is in motion. New concepts are added, other ones are cancelled – that’s why the whole project remains exciting for us and our audience.

Fluxus opening
Fluxus opening

What do you like about your city, your location and your customers?
Our place is located in the middle of an old landmark arcade from the 70s. It seems to have fallen out of time, but in combination with our interim use it comes along quite charmingly. Many people are interested in our concept, dashing hipsters as well as Swabian grannies - that’s something we are very proud of! One spends his day here playing table tennis and drinking Gin-Tonic, the other one comes around with her granny friend, who has a piece of cake and a cup of tea and buys a toy for her grandchild in our store. The good thing about FLUXUS is that you can let the rest of the world pass by; it’s an open space in a built up city. Sometimes it’s almost hippie-like.

Do you have an online store? Do you use social media?
We are using Facebook and Instagram.

Fluxus - Temporary Concept Mall
Calwer Passage
70173 Stuttgart