Founded in 2001 and now operating six Greta & Luis stores in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Schöneberg, Greta & Luis is now an integral part of Berlin.  With a focus on quality design and honest values, and with a love for small labels such as Emma Cook, Lika Mimika and Elliot Mann and bigger brand names alike, Greta & Luis discuss their bestsellers, trends, and inspirations, as well as their aim to strengthen the personality and individual style of their customers. Interview by Tatjana von Elverfeldt

Why did you open your store? Tell us the story behind!
Greta&Luis stands for loving fashion. Our aim is to let other people participate in our passion for beautiful things.

Which is the most important ingredient for successful retailing?
In addition to a certain amount of expertise it is also important to work with passion and determination.

What are your current bestselling labels?
One of our bestsellers is the label Drykorn and we have noticed an increasing demand for the fashion label IRO. Currently we are selling lots of slim-fitting tailored suits for men by Tiger of Sweden or J.Lindeberg but there is also a growing demand for quality in basic fashion like Drakewood is offering. At present woman prefer leather jackets by Muubaa and Tigha as well as casual blouses and shirts in various styles by labels like iheart and American Vintage.

In terms of denims: Which cuts / shapes / washings / colors are most popular at the moment?
We remarked that for men the classical dark blue jeans is still on the rise. But they prefer the clean look without washing and the narrow cut.
For women skinny jeans are absolutely preferred, particularly ankle jeans in candy colours like yellow, pink and mint-green or patterned.

'Feelings and intuition are very important in choosing our fashion', says Uhlig.
'Feelings and intuition are very important in choosing our fashion', says Uhlig.

Which new labels have you added to your assortment recently?
We have recently added the labels Emma Cook, DL1961, Elliot Mann, Lika Mimika and Gem Kingdom.

Do customers search for favorite brands and special styles or do they buy spontaneously?
Our customers visit us rather spontaneously and often they have nothing specific in mind. Many of them come regularly and take time to browse through our product range in order to keep themselves up-to-date concerning the latest fashion trends. In addition to that our customers are happy to accept the offered advice service and sometimes pieces are bought they haven’t thought of before.

What inspires you, where do you get your information about upcoming trends and brands?
Feelings and intuitive powers are very important for us in choosing our fashion. We often get our inspiration by travelling but also from our environment.

The 'passion for beautiful things' gets visible in the Greta&Luis stores.
The 'passion for beautiful things' gets visible in the Greta&Luis stores.

What do you think will be the key-pieces and trends in autumn winter 2013?
I think that the fashion will be more reluctant this winter. Black is strong again and will be used all-over or as a key piece. Patterned prints remain as well as camouflage. In my opinion the material mix of soft knit tops and leather leggings will be very important.

How do you stay in contact to your (regular) customers?
We have a bonus program in which registered user can receive shopping vouchers starting from a certain value of their purchase. In addition there is a newsletter sending actual trends, new arrivals and special events to the interested.

What does your shop that others don’t?
We have an unique and very fashionable product range consisting of small newcomer brands and famous labels. Moreover we share our joy and passion for fashion with our customers particularly evident in our individual counseling. We want our customers to get a good feeling visiting us - whether they buy something or not.

'We share our joy and passion for fashion with our customers’, says Uhlig.
'We share our joy and passion for fashion with our customers’, says Uhlig.

What do you like about your location and your customers?
Berlin offers an exciting audience: international, heterogeneous and absolutely open to new ideas. We have chosen locations in the districts of Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Schöneberg, within that we are part of an environment of small, mutually stimulating stores.

How is buying behavior changing – do people look for classics or specialities?
Bought is always a mix of basics and eye-catching pieces. But significantly increasing is the demand for quality in workmanship, quality materials and sustainable production.

Do you have an online shop? Do you run any social media activities?
Since 2010 Greta & Luis has an online shop at As well we are active at the social media like Facebook and Twitter and  in addition to that we have our own blog.

The store's contact
Greta & Luis
Akazienstr. 7a
10823 Berlin
Tel.: 030/78 71 85 82

Branch stores
Akazienstr. 22
10823 Berlin
Tel.: 030/78 95 33 96

Wörther Str. 26
10405 Berlin
Tel.: 030/44 04 42 98

Kastanienallee 43
10119 Berlin
Tel.: 030/40 50 47 56

Alte Schönhauser Str. 16
10119 Berlin
Tel.: 030/27 58 20 90

Rosenthaler Str. 15
10119 Berlin
Tel.: 030/25 76 26 35
Fax.: 030/25 76 26 36