A longstanding go-to boutique for fashionable womenswear in Los Angeles, Stacey Todd recently opened a second store in West Hollywood. Here, the stores’ owner, industry veteran Stacey “Todd” Feldman, discusses her shops’ unique product assortment, the denim lines she loves and why being consistent has helped her remain a success. Interview by Christopher Blomquist

What is the history and background of the Stacey Todd boutiques?
I grew up in this business. My father had a company called Norman Todd based out of LA and he did the wardrobe for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I grew up with it embedded in me. From a very little girl I was in his factory and always in fashion and always around it. I graduated and came to New York and went to FIT and then came back and worked for him. I designed for him, traveled to Europe with a spinoff line called Todd & Co and then got married, had babies, had a little girls’ line that I started doing for my daughters Erynn and Kyle and that kind of grew and I did that for a while. I had always wanted a retail store and I when the kids got a little older I opened about 14 years ago in Studio City. We had great fun and success and then just about six months ago opened on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood.

Who is your typical customer?
I kind of geared it so my typical customer was a little more mature. When I started the store I was about 40 or 41 and I felt that there was a need for a woman that didn’t want to look like her daughters but was hip and cool and could be in the latest trend in fashion without being trendy or fatty–so a little more sophisticated. And I wanted streetwear, what people wear–clothes that are really useful but good quality and up in style. Of course, I do have a younger customer as well and ones that are a little older but basically it’s geared toward a woman who spends money on clothing and loves to look good in livable clothing–clothes you want to wear every day and from day to night. I also gear it toward my particular aesthetic and how I like to dress and go from there.

What are your current bestsellers?
We do amazing with DSquared jeans, R13, Barbara Bui, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Golden Goose, Isabelle Marant and Raquel Allegra. It is kind of a mix of casual with a lot of leather and lace, big baggy boyfriend jeans with a beautiful feminine top and lots of menswear inspirations with blazers and soft tops underneath. It’s a very LA/California kind of style.

What are some of the denim brands you carry?
DSquared, R13, J Brand, NSF and my daughter Erynn’s new line, Tortoise, which I love, love, love. What sells the most in denim is DSquared, R13 and NSF. I also always carry Levi’s–Levi’s Vintage and Made & Crafted. I kind of started with that and still do it.

How do you pick the denim lines you stock?
We look for unusual, more European denim that is not department store mainstream. My customers come to me for that very different denim that has a little twist to it that they can’t find at a department store.

How do you find new brands in general?
Just research and keeping an eye open. I love different denim. I always enjoy looking for that and I also Erynn is a huge inspiration for that because she is always knows what is up-and-coming so I always follow her lead on that a little bit because she has a younger, trendier eye.

What was your impression of the women’s market in New York earlier this week?
I don’t think it is very exciting. But Erynn’s line Tortoise is new and exciting. And Leur Logette is another beautiful feminine vintage-inspired line of tops and camis that go back great with all the funky big denim. KaufmanFranco we are starting with, which is very different and new for us. It’s taking some beautiful beaded and embellished tops and pairing them with our worn out and distressed denim. I am not doing their eveningwear as far as gowns but I am using their beautiful pieces and mixing it in. The lines that looked really good and that we loved were Boy by Band of Outsiders, Barbara Bui, Tortoise and R13 always looks amazing.

What sets your stores apart from the other retailers in LA?
We stick to our guns. We really follow a style–not the trend–of what is going on and what we feel what we like to wear and what is our kind of look. We always stay on that track. Even though it changes a little bit you will always find a boyfriend distressed jean in our store, a beautiful little soft cami, a great leather jacket of some sort and some kind of menswear-inspired blazer. We are very consistent in our looks and people know when they come and are looking for something like that that it will be there. One season is not about bright color because bright color is in and one season you won’t come in and see pastels. It’s always neutral and always black, white, cream, gray, khaki. So we evolve with the trends but it is always kind of our same aesthetic, same look and same style.

Is there a separation of product between the two locations?
Not really. In West Hollywood we can tend to go a little younger, a little trendier and sometimes a little dressier. Studio City is a little more casual. Other than that, they are pretty much similar.

What are the biggest challenges of being a multilabel retailer today?
Just handling and juggling between the two stores.

Is there a competition between your stores and monobrand ones in the area?
Not really. I haven’t found that. Because we do it so differently and put it together so differently and stylize it so differently it really looks different.

What is a “golden rule” that any retailer needs to follow?
I think taking chances and not being too safe. If you believe in something and you want to try it, try it.

Store addresses:

Stacey Todd
Studio City
13025 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
+1 818 981 7567

Stacey Todd
West Hollywood
454 N. Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048
+1 310 659 8633