In what is the epitome of the classic gentlemen’s club experience, Stitched is a 3,800-sq.-foot (353-sq.-meter) store inside the trendy Cosmopolitan casino and resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. SI contributor Rudy Gonzales sat down with senior buyer Sam Glaser and store president Eamon Springall during the Vegas trade shows in February to discuss bespoke suiting, contemporary menswear and the best gentlemen’s (shopping) club on The Strip. Interview by Rudy Gonzales

When did the store open?
Sam Glaser: We opened with The Cosmopolitan in December 2010 as a destination for menswear haberdashery. Originally the concept was to be the finest men’s bespoke suiting purveyors in Las Vegas. Since then we have expanded into a private-label business called XXXX by Stitched, a suiting and ready-to-wear collections while staying true to our customer.
Stitched Las Vegas
Stitched Las Vegas

What are some of your current bestsellers brandwise and itemwise?
Sam Glaser: We’re the top US account for the Swedish shirting brand Chadbury. Hudson Jeans and Creative Recreation footwear are among the favorites. Being that we’re in Las Vegas, we’re able to move so many tuxedos and suits.

Have you been surprised by the sales performance of any particular brand?
Sam Glaser: We have sold nearly two pairs of Creative Recreations a day and for a suiting retailer that’s quite the feat.

Describe the Stitched customer.
Eamon Springall: A gentleman with discerning taste. Someone who enjoys watching a James Bond or Thomas Crown film who embodies that lifestyle into their sartorial dress. We refer to our salesteam as life-stylist. We need to refer the best steakhouse, gentleman’s club and the best nightclub. Especially being on the Las Vegas Strip we need to know what’s hot on Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon, selling a suite is a byproduct of the Stitched experience.
Stitched Las Vegas
Stitched Las Vegas

How does Stitched compare to other Las Vegas retailers?
Eamon Springall: We have created a unique experience; people come in and they live with us for a little while. We have become an entertaining destination, whether you’re in the Scotch Locker lounge having a drink watching the championship game or on the floor talking fashion. Customers stay here for as long as two hours. We’re a very events-driven company, from the magazines we own, to the events we plan both charity and political. We’re a mix of party and retailer and that’s what really sets our business apart.

What has been the biggest challenge for the store thus far?
Eamon Springall: To be honest, it’s all been so successful and fast. I had little to no retail experience, and after two years of being in business we have won Vegas’ Best–Best Men’s Clothing, Best Men’s Retailer awards.

Sam Glaser: The largest challenge thus far has been keeping hot products in stock.

Stitched Las Vegas
Stitched Las Vegas
What special service does Stitched offer its customers?
Eamon Springall: Our 800-sq.-foot [74-sq.meter] space the Scotch Locker is sponsored by Jameson liquor. Each locker is given to our VIP customers where they can suite it up and fill it with their drink of choice and bring guests to the lounge. We also have a fully exposed tailor shop, headed by Milton Chavez a third-generation master tailor from Guatemala. During the day you hear the sewing machines going and customers will stand and watch someone’s suit being made. Our award-wining shoe shiner, who is 88 years young, is a favorite of local resort owners. He delivers the best 40-minute shoeshine in Las Vegas.

How do you find new brands and merchandise?
Sam Glaser: There are three sources of influences: press, influential retailers in LA and New York and entertainment icons.

What is your favorite memory of the store thus far?
Sam Glaser: I was a reporter for the Las Vegas Weekly, where I interviewed Eamon for the store opening and I knew Stitched was onto something really special. To be the first to share the Stitched story was by far one of my favorite memories.

Eamon Springall: December 2011, within our one-year anniversary we hit a number that was expected to happen five years into our business plan. We hit it our very first year. Once we announced the numbers to the staff there was a big gasp. In a deja vu moment it happened again; we hit another milestone this year.
Stitched Las Vegas
Stitched Las Vegas

Anything exciting for fall 2013?
Sam Glaser: We’re launching our Stitched Japanese selvedge denim collection.

Store's Contact:
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
+1 702 698 7630