This week, Sportswear International picked the shop Block48 in Münster as retailer of the week. The shop opened this September and offers labels like Nudie, Asics and New Balance on 200sqm. The owners are Sven Beese and Thomas Wulff, two former skaters that love punk music and worked for many textile companies or skate shop Titus in the past. Together, they now run the Beewulff GmbH. Here, the owners talk about their love for raw denims, why they like fashion designed by weirdos and their dream of having an escalator in the store.

“We wanted to create a store that has a touch of Punk ’n Roll- on a high level. Indeed, the supposed-to-be smaller brands beat the established ones. That’s why we had a good feedback right from the start with denim by the Pike Brothers. But also a special ‘Vespa Edition’ by adidas Originals was very well received. Fred Perry is a mainstay, is timeless and offers a huge range. One of our personal favorite labels is Scandinavian label Nudie and has a true fan base at our shop that systematically searches for new arrivals. It is amazing what those people do with the jeans! A true inspiration for denim fans - and even with the eco-thought to it. You see the passion in every stitch. We receive the impression that people are fed up with the usual patterns and the simple price haggling. Our customers want to hear stories. About pants, about production, about labels, about people, the vespa in our window- and the story behind the pricing. We really like that people don’t buy all the crap they see.

In addition, nobody has to dress up to enter our store or to be greeted friendly. We have the best times of our lives, are aged skaters, we listen to punk and look after our children. We don’t want any pretentious fuss around us just because we need a new pair of pants. Nobody should be surprised though, that if my pants have to be awesome I have to be willing to pay the price for them. But everybody wants to know why they spend the money. And jeans are important as bread and fresh milk in the fridge…there’s no way living without them.

You could say that raw denims exactly reflect our attitude. We have these unwashed pants by several labels and our customers love them. To wear them in, to get the tucks, to burn in your keys and your wallet. Selvages and a firm wearing comfort that becomes an individual pair of denim - we love it. We write our history ourselves - even in the fabrics. The rough, barely glazed, huge bookshelves, the changing decoration and unusual windows speak for themselves. Our shop has to be a hot spot, it has to rock. There has to be something to discover not over-glazed and slick.

Edgy, blocky - is how our range can be described. We are open to creative labels by weirdos, who live their dream and transport their emotions - just like Fabian Jedlitschka from Pike Brothers. Münster, in general, is a rich city, and is packed with elegant boutiques that sometimes offer the same labels like we do, but we, in addition, have a good sense of humor and are easygoing and laid-back. We have unplugged sessions at the store, we publish our own newspaper, the Bugle, and we are in the process of transferring our attitude to the online world. We are excited about the feedback of our concept in the digital world.

We are very relaxed when we think of the customers’ buying behavior and the relation between evergreens and extraordinary clothes…there are some great classics that we grew up with that will follow us until the end. These include the 501 and the Samba by adidas, but it is also very cool to see how a brand develops. Some of them not in a positive way that’s why we only pick the ones we like. Red Wings are very big at the moment and look just fabulous in combination with raw denims. Moreover, New Balance inspired us with their Pub Collection.

Our dream is to have a shop like a warehouse. Not limited only to jeans or jackets but everything, from music, via movies to books. No overdone concept, just a shop packed with life…

…and with an escalator between the floors.”