Since the shop opening in September of 2005, Slavko Felkar is in charge of one of the coolest shops in Berlin. As store manager and buyer of F95, he is one of the creators of Berlin’s sense of style. Among premium denim labels, streetwear and prét-à-porter, F95 is famous for a special selection of accessories, books and ‘feel good’ products. This week, Sportswear International talked to denim lover Slavko Felkar about bestsellers, his favorite jeans and the effective use of fragrance machines.

„At present, I love labels like Wildfox, Mark & Estel, or JBrand. I know that those are mainly womenswear brands, but -hey-, I like looking at cool and sexy clothes worn by cool and sexy women.

I am getting many, many phone calls concerning the Duvetica jackets these days. I would say that they are the current bestseller. For myself, I prefer my PRPS chino pants, a grey sweater and sneakers from Givenchy.

I really don’t know what I would without jeans... I love the ones I sell just like the ones I wear myself. My favourites are slim jeggings from JBrand for women, and PRPS for boys. Next season, I will also sell denim from London-based label Snake & Dagger – can’t wait. They’ve got fantastic, but simple fits, beautiful blue denim, which is just lightly washed and – on top of it – they are sold at fair prices. Women usually buy complete looks while men are just interested in the one pair of perfect jeans.

From time to time, agents are coming into the store to show me their newest stuff, but mainly I am ordering at Premium Berlin and on fairs and in showrooms in Paris and New York City. Fashion trends are something really emotional. You can find them in magazines, on catwalks, on the streets or even if you watch your customers.
F95 in Berlin
F95 in Berlin

For the next season, for example, I ordered beautiful easy summer dresses and very sharp shoes for women, and some sweat shorts for the boys. Those are my must-haves. But I am also looking forward to receiving the pieces from all the other new labels I decided to work with. I love to experiment with new collections – and so do my customers. I don’t want them to be bored so I often change my offer and try to give them items they don’t get anywhere else. This season I’ll catch their attention with the unisex shirts from Maison About for About, for example.

Among our regular customers, we have many tourists at F95 and I always try to give them something new, something unique, something to talk about. To keep them staying inside the store for a longer time, I bought a machine that spreads a wonderful fragrance and put some books and magazines on some old wooden pallets. Funny thing is that everyone in the F95 team feels like a stylist, not like a normal shop assistant. We try to be creative and help the people to be more experimental and self-confident. And if that is successful – it feels like the greatest thing ever!“