For this weeks retailer of the week we spoke to Robert Aydin, branch manager of the Yeans Halle in Darmstadt. The Yeans Halle is located in the former congress centre, a charming example of Art Nouveau architecture. In our interview, Robert Aydin talks about their current bestselling labels including his personal favourite, Nudie Jeans, and their denim wall, which offers an incredible range of over 10,000 jeans. Interview by Tatjana von Elverfeldt

Why did you open your store? Tell us the story behind it!
We have been enchanted by the magic of the premises from the very start. The conversion of the former congress centre was an exciting challenge. Throughout the store you will find lovely eye-catching details, and because of the different ceiling heights of 3-7 meters there are some nice contrasts. Darmstadt is also a strategic decision for us to build up our name outside of Southern Germany.

 Yeans Halle in Darmstadt
Yeans Halle in Darmstadt

What are the most important ingredients for successful retailing?
Our cornerstones are service and advice. We realize increasingly that customers appreciate a good advice. If our fashion consultants take the time to honestly say what they think, which is a USP that neither the internet trade nor the verticals can provide.

What are your current bestselling labels and which are your personal favourites?
For women bestsellers are Hilfiger Denim and Cross jeans. Also extremely high in demand is Superdry, Vierzig Grad and Please, just like leather jackets by Gipsy and Jilani. Men resort to Nudie Jeans, Selected, Vierzig Grad, Levi's and Solid. My personal favourite label is Nudie Jeans. I like the clear cuts, beautiful washes and the sustainable production.

How important is the denim segment for your business?
Denim is the cornerstone on which the Yeans Halle was built and even after more than 35 years, is still our main focus. We are especially known in Southern Germany, but now also widely recognized for our jeans competence. In addition, through our offer of special sizes and longer lengths that are usually difficult to get, we have a unique feature that our customers always love to use.

Overview Yeans Halle
Overview Yeans Halle

Which cuts, colours and washings are currently the most popular?
Concerning jeans slim silhouettes with a narrow leg are still in demand. Skinny and slim fits are by far the most popular cuts for men and women. Otherwise, tapered and boyfriend forms are very popular. Especially dark and clean looks are in high demand. Currently rinsed and raw jeans are bestselling.

What new labels have you added to your assortment recently?
Our latest additions are Antony Morato, Guess and Edc. In addition, we now have extended the Replay assortment to the ladies area.

Do customers search for their favourite brands and special styles, or do they buy spontaneously?
We have a balanced mix. There are people who come to us because they are looking for a new pair of jeans or want a jacket by G-Star. Especially men are rational and go there frequently to buy a pair of jeans because they need them. Often they remain faithful to a particular model, because they know that it fits. Women, however, often shop impulsively and take what they like spontaneously.

What does your shop have that others don’t?
A truly exceptional interior design: climbing the escalator you end up in a 3D scene, carrying the flair of Berlin and the New York's SoHo-style to Darmstadt. In combination with the large round flares on the ceiling a very special atmosphere is created. Also impressive is our denim wall, which emphasizes our greatest strength: We have an incredible range of over 10,000 jeans in the store.

The store includes over 10,000 jeans
The store includes over 10,000 jeans

What do you like about your city?
Above all, Darmstadt pleases me with its Art Nouveau architecture. The Mathildenhöhe is very impressive. The nice thing about the location of the Yeans Hall in Darmstadt is how easily it can be reached by public transport. With the direct location at the Luisenplatz we are just at the intersection of bus and train.

How is buying behaviour changing – do people look for classics or specialities?
Both buyer types are equally well represented. Fashion-affine mid-twenties, who know what they are looking for, feel as comfortable as customers in their middle ages, who care for good advice and consulting.

Do you have an online shop? Do you use social media?
Yes, social media is an important issue for us. We love the fact that news can be communicated promptly through it, and it creates dialogue between our customers and us. This is especially true for our younger customers. Facebook is the most direct way to get in touch with us. In addition to Facebook, we are also represented on Instagram. No, we haven’t got an online shop. We are convinced that we can only fulfil the consulting services we offer on-site. For us it is important to stimulate all the senses while shopping.

Stores address:
Yeans Halle Darmstadt
Luisenplatz 5 (Luisencenter)
64283 Darmstadt