Betting on unique and high-research products is a must for Flow, upper sportswear shop in Florence. “Our customers like to buy exclusive and almost one-of-a-kind products,” comment owners Gabriella Giorgi and Nicola Pecchioli. As part of their own philosophy they don’t believe in trends but rather prefer to offer limited edition product: “Fashion is so extended that everyone can express one’s own personality and style at best. Looking different from others also rewards.”

What are the current bestsellers of your store and why?

All the brands and products we offer are high-research and not widely distributed. We mostly bet on exclusive lines of products and brands that are very keen on craftsmanship and hand-made. Among the brands we sell best there are Però, Ibrigu and Jejia. Our customers (mostly 60% women and 40% men) appreciate them because they like such almost one-of-a-kind products.

Also selling well are some exclusive denim brands. Fabric Brand, for instance, is made with Japanese denim according to a specific Japanese jeans cut&sew method, although it is a US brand. Other Japanese denim brands are successful, too. Among them are Blue Blue Japan, TSS and Kuro - all of them have limited distribution. Fabric Brand, for instance, is only sold in three stores all over Italy.

All of our products are high-quality and expensive, though our offer varies. When a customer is buying a pair of our jeans we might also advise them to wear them, for instance, with a Boglioli blazer and eventually Trickers shoes. In fact our clients are caring much for details. From f/w 2015/2016 we also started a special collaboration: a capsule collection of shoes with Trickers.

Other bestselling brands include Ten-C, outer jacket brand, and Fortela, a menswear total look brand created by fashion insider Alessandro Squarzi, offering limited quantities of products because the garments are often made with special precious fabrics that are no longer produced.

Flow Store Florence
Photo: Flow Store
Flow Store Florence

Do people buy according to their favorite brand, style, or impulse?

As we tend to buy on impulse, so do they. Some of them are also keen on brands, but mostly when they see some products they fall in love with them and absolutely want to buy them. No matter if they are research products, almost unknown to the majority of people.

Where do you order from? How do you inform yourself about trends?

As we are very instinctive: we often tend to buy what we like best. Though we generally visit international shows such as, for instance, Tranoi in Paris, Liberty in New York, White and Super in Milan and, obviously, we also visit showrooms and fashion shows. Plus – indispensable – we follow social networks, especially Instagram.


How important is the communication with regular customers? How do you communicate with them?

Again, we run our own Instagram pages and other social network activities through which we keep them updated on all new products and novelties in our store. Though mainly, and above all, we like to maintain our relationship with each of them vis-à-vis by showing them personally what we offer in our store.

Flow Store Florence
Photo: Flow Store
Flow Store Florence

How do the collections you offer for next fall/winter look like?
And what are the most important trends, in general?

We don’t believe in trends. Fashion is so extended that everyone can express one’s own personality and style at best without sticking to trends. Looking different from others also rewards.

Did you add any new labels to your assortment?

Blasé is a new brand we have added for f/w 2016/2017. It is a woman’s blazer brand produced by a company with long tradition in tailor made apparel. They used to work with a very exclusive and selected clientele and later started offering their products to the wider public. We will also add Raptus & Rose. Also this brand follows the philosophy of an atelier that is offering limited edition pieces. We like such an approach because we always like to add new products to our selection. It is a way of offering fresh products and recall customers in our stores more and more often within the season. We don’t want them to get bored when they come and visit us.

Flow Store Florence
Photo: Flow Store
Flow Store Florence

How does your store differ from other stores?

As I was saying before, we like to keep a close relationship with our customers. Differently from many other stores who hardly say hallo when you enter, we like to greet them and take care of them. A welcoming place and atmosphere makes a difference – in addition to great product, of course.

What do you like about your customers?

I like when they enter and already know what they want. They have their own taste, but they know and understand what we are offering them...There is a special feeling among us and with what we offer them!

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package?

It is very important. In addition to often changing product lay-out and shop windows, we want our customers to feel at ease and relaxed as if they entered a comfy parlour room.

Flow Store

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