Who enters the Van Nord concept store at Berlin's Grolmannstraße will get a warm welcome by Andrea Ennen, who opened her store five years ago. The store offers a well selected assortment of 15% fashion and 85% of interior products, beauty, jewelry and accessories from brands such as Samsøe Samsøe, Uslu Airlines, Bloomingville, Royal Republiq, Jane KØNIG and Armor Lux, among her own jewelry label. Ennen operates also an online shop. Here, she talks about her concept in detail and how she meets the biggest challenges in retail today.

When and why did you decide on opening a concept store? Tell us your story and motivation!

I’ve always been interested in design, in diverse sectors. My incentive was to combine all that and to create something aesthetic, because who doesn’t surround oneself with beautiful things every day?

What was and is especially important to you about shopfitting and the store design? When did you change the interior at last?

A high-quality presentation of the products, along with high regard of course is important to me. It should be clearly arranged and have something personal so the customer feels comfortable.

We’re in the business for five years now and every now and then we changed something in details, but now we’re about to decide on a bigger reconstruction.

Inside Van Nord concept store: Andrea Ennen sells design products from fashion and interior to her own jewelry collection.
Photo: Van Nord
Inside Van Nord concept store: Andrea Ennen sells design products from fashion and interior to her own jewelry collection.

What does your product range look like? How big is fashion percentage-wise? What products do you offer apart from fashion?

We offer a mix of different lifestyle products. The quota of clothing is about 15%. The remaining 85 per cent of the assortment are jewelry, literature, bags, beauty, accessories of any type, home accessories and also an own jewelry collection.

What are the best-selling brands?

Jewelry: my own collection, Jane Kønig, SATYA

Clothing: Armor Lux, Samsøe Samsøe

Beauty: Grown Alchemist, Uslu Airlines

Stationary: Redfries

Spirits: Liquer Company

Bags: Sarah Johann, Royal Republiq

Which brands did you add to your assortment at latest?

At latest I added Stine A Jewelry, Shaveworks, Broste Cph.

As you mentioned before, you also sell jewelry. Which brands, products and prices work best?

My own jewelry collection works very well as I am fully committed to it and produce everything myself. Following are Satya and Jane Kønig.

Inside Van Nord concept store in Berlin.
Photo: Van Nord
Inside Van Nord concept store in Berlin.

What are five products you couldn’t live without right now?

Pearl rings, necklaces, hats, winter jackets and beauty products.

How important are fairs for you still? Which ones do you visit and where do you buy from especially?

Fairs are not that important to me, I also do a lot of research online. Nevertheless, I always discover something new at fairs. Next year I want to visit the Maison & Objets.

I especially buy at Ambiente, Seek and Premium.

What does your store offer that sets it apart from other retailers? What’s the USP?

My own jewelry collection which is produced in Berlin by myself distinguishes us from other stores.

Is there a kind of role model store for you?

I always really liked "Die Perle" in Hamburg (the store’s name is "Weide" today).

What do you love and appreciate about the location of your store?

I love the proximity to Kurfürstendamm, my nice customers and the proximity to my home.

What does your typical customer look like?

It’s impossible to limit my customers to one target group. Everyone is open to new, special things with a story behind. The age varies from 16-80 years. In Charlottenburg we still have a nice mixture of generations.

The best selling beauty products at Van Nord are by Grown Alchemist and Uslu Airlines.
Photo: Van Nord
The best selling beauty products at Van Nord are by Grown Alchemist and Uslu Airlines.

What are the biggest challenges in stationary retail these days?

The biggest challenges are to be spot on with the product range and to stay exciting to attract new customers as well as retain old ones.

What is the most important ingredient for successful retail?

It should be authentic.

Looking back, would you do anything different today?

I’d do more promotion from the beginning.



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