Stocked with a wide range of all latest and most popular sneaker brands from Nike to Reebok and Adidas, Sneaxs in Kiel, Germany, is a must-visit for all sneakers fans. Founded by Philip Hauberg and Knud Hansen in 2013, the shop is located in Holtenauer Str. 74, a charming shopping street with many independent-operated stores as well as chic bars and clubs. In a cozy living room atmosphere with a cool retro look and plank flooring, the customers can feel truly at home. The owners Knud Hansen and Philip Hauberg can also provide a lot of experience within the sports segment and e-commerce: next to Sneaxs, Hansen runs two Intersport stores in Kiel and one in Neumünster, while Hauberg has founded the online shop eight years ago – true professionals within the sportswear and sneakers segment. Interview by Alexandra Spiegel

Atmosphere at Sneaxs store
Atmosphere at Sneaxs store
How would you describe the atmosphere in the Sneaxs store?
We wanted to create an authentic atmosphere with the old wooded floor, retro decorations and special style elements, for example the old drawers. We present the newest collections on the vintage elements to build up an interesting contrast.

You also run another store in Kiel, Intersport Knudsen, how did the idea arise to create two different stores?
We’ve made a concept, which is more fashionable than a classic Intersport store and which gives us the opportunity to order exclusive models at the suppliers. Meanwhile it is very important to set apart from other concepts and make something special.

Store bestsellers
Store bestsellers
What works better at Intersport Knudsen and what works at Sneaxs? Which models and colors are currently the most popular?
At Sneaxs, currently the retro running models from all suppliers work very well for our customers, but also basketball inspired silhouettes are an important subject. Within the sports section at Intersport Knudsen, tricots as well as the Nike Free and the Nike Air Max Thea are very popular. The most popular models at Sneaxs store are currently the Nike Roshe Run, Adidas ZX Flux and the Reebok Classics.

Where do you buy your products from and stay up-to-date with sneaker trends?
We buy our products directly at the showrooms of the suppliers. I think at the moment the sneaker trends in Germany get created in key cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, but you should also think outside the box. Cities like Copenhagen, Barcelona and Stockholm are also very important for trends which swap over to Germany.

Store inside
Store inside
Which sneaker trend awaits us in fall/winter 2014?
The most interesting trend for fall/winter 2014 will be still the retro running theme. Also court silhouettes are ready to start, but it will take a while until they will establish themselves among our customers.

Who are your customers?
Meanwhile we have a very broad target group, from the 13 years old boy to the fashion forward 60 years old lady.

Do you also run an online shop and social media channels?
We do run an online shop at and we are also very active within social media with about 20,000 followers on Facebook.

What is the “secret” of being a successful retailer today?
A successful retailer should recognize trends, be strong within the multichannel and offer the greatest possible service to the customer, offline but also online.

Holtenauer Str. 74
24105 Kiel, Germany
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