24Kilates (24Kts) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015 and has become an obligatory stop for anyone who wants to buy something special when in Barcelona besides a flamenco doll. The store specializes in limited edition sneaker collections and has already collaborated with the likes of Reebok, Asics and New Balance while always drawing inspiration from Made in Spain topics such as the architect Gaudí and painter Miró or the popular San Fermín festival in Pamplona. Earlier this month, 24Kts launched a 50-pairs-only edition together with Italian label Diadora called “Toro” in Madrid. The event brought together quite a crowd of sneaker heads who lined up for one of the models featuring black fur on the uppers, toe cap and heel counter, black leather lining, small bull horns on the laces and red detailing on the heel. Apart from footwear, 24Kts also sells a small range of apparel and accessories including brands Alife, G-Shock and Huf. Their store manager, Morgan, talked with us about inspiring sneaker brands right now, his must-visit trade shows and social media. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

24 Kts x Diadora Toro sneakers
24 Kts x Diadora Toro sneakers
When and why did you open your store?
24Kilates opened its doors in 2005. At the time there was no store in Barcelona dedicated to sell special-edition sneakers, and we had to fly somewhere else to get the sneakers we wanted. That’s why Pol and Ricard joined forces to open a spot where people could find this kind of product, which was hard to buy at the time because e-commerce was not yet widespread.

What are your current bestselling labels? What brands are your personal favorites?
The top brands at our store are New Balance and Saucony, but labels such as Asics, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Diadora also sell well. It’s hard for me to say what brand is my favorite because I like several models. But New Balance is perhaps the brand that I like most, especially the models made in the US.

Storefront of 24 Kilates in Barcelona
Storefront of 24 Kilates in Barcelona
Which sneakers and fashion trends do you think will become more popular in fall/winter 2015?
I think Adidas is doing things right given that there’s been sustained demand for classics like the Superstar or the Stan Smith.

What are the features that customers look for when buying a pair of sneakers? Is comfort important in the purchasing decision or is the look the main thing?
On the one hand, most of the sneakers we sell are limited editions and usually the following rule applies: the more limited the edition, the higher the demand. On the other hand, a lot of customers look for new takes on classic models.

Do you attend trade shows? Which ones?
Yes, normally we never miss Bread & Butter and Seek in Berlin.

Apart from trade shows, what other sources of inspiration help you stay up-to-date?
We just try to sell what we like; almost all of our in-store labels are established staples.

What role do social media play for you?
Instagram is one of our best tools. Besides that, we just launched our new website a couple of weeks ago. I invite you to browse through it!

24 Kilates has its own clothing range and has collaborated with several streetwear brands. How do you approach other labels to make a partnership happen?
Sometimes the brands we sell get in touch with us. At other times, though, we explain our ideas to them and ask them to join us.
Sneakers are exhibited like museum's goods
Sneakers are exhibited like museum's goods

You run an online shop. What share of your total revenue is happening online?
It depends quite a lot on the product type. If there are good sneakers, sales speed up; when products are not tip-top, then sales slow down.

What do you like the most about your location, Barcelona?
We simply love our city: the weather, the food and the fact that people are always out on the streets.

24 Kilates
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