Matthias Kozera, manager of Friedberg located store MazzuMazzu, Germany, believes that service is the most important ingredient for successful retail. His mission statement is: More Ego, without Ism. Here, Kozera discusses latest trends, his bestsellers and upcoming brands. By Hannah Franziska Krautwald

Why did you open your store back then? Tell us the story behind it!
There were so many several little reasons, that it would be too much to tell. Sure, one of the main reasons was the vision to create a room where you can meet, but also buy fancy new clothes at the same time. According to that we planned the MazzuMazzu store. Our main focus is our customers. We wanted to convey a feeling. The outcome of this is the development of a store’s soul. Our mission statement is: More Ego, without Ism. We will and always have been geared toward that principle.

Which is one of the most important “ingredients” for a successful retail industry?
To always have a vision, and the capability to listen better than talking.

Which are the current bestsellers? Which is your personal favourite brand?
For us, in menswear, the current top sellers are jackets, light knitwear, and Hannes Roether canvas coats. Topsellers in womenswear are fancy knitwear pieces, for instance, oversized knits with skew seams, leather trousers, or trousers in leather optics and definitely the boots from Sendra.

I don’t have a favourite brand. For me it’s important, that a label fits to me and my mood. And that could be quite different and complex. Admittedly a proper image of the labels, that I’m wearing, is fundamental to me. I want to recognize that the designers gave thought to it. Whether to the product itself, the fabric, the hangtag or to the point of positioning and marketing. In this case Labels like Drykorn or Vic Matié make a really good job.

How important is the denim section in your store?
Denim was, is and will always be a constant element of the store. Even if this section has downsized a little bit, we know of its importance. It’s quite imaginable to me to increase the focus of the denim section in the next few months.

Which cuts, silhouettes, washings and colours are the most popular regarding denims?
Definitely the boyfriend cut. If it fits, it’s sexy, and eye-catching. Just like skinny jeans with turn-ups. Our customers like bright washes, or the “destroyed” look.

Which brands have you recently incorporated into your assortment?
For men: Hannes Roether. A great label. The clothing stands for itself. For women we have incorporated bags from Campomaggi. Just from the beginning, these have been very popular with our costumers.

Do customers search for special items and brands or do they rather shop spontaneously?
There’s a difference between our male and female customers. While the men tend to remain true to one label, the women are more emotional in their buying decision. The piece has to be nice. It’s as simple as that.

Where do you buy your merchandise? What does inspire you? Where/how do you get informed about new trends?
By now I buy from Munich to Berlin. Paris gets more and more important as a fashion metropolis for us as well, because it fits perfectly to the development of our store. I use Paris as an inspiration for the store, although I actually mainly get inspired by our costumers. Many conversations with regular customers inspire me. The inspiration is completed by the travels I do, or by studying the newest magazines or blog entries, which I follow regularly.

Which trends await us in 2013?
I expect a more classic look in 2013. The people will be “better dressed” again instead of just throwing on something casual, and easily. Being well dressed is hereby more important than in 2012.
What stays: Trousers with slim legs and Chinos, but rather in special cuts and fabrics. And Denim comes back and will dominate the Chino again.

How do you stay in touch with your customers?
Quite simply: They visit us in the store. Very often just to drink a cup of coffee as well as to talk about new trends or the new products. For information about the store, whether new labels, new products or about events as well, we make use of our strong Facebook community as well as of our approved text message or e-mail distribution list. And of course our events (taking place 6 – 12 times a year) are a very important component for a constant communication.

What does your shop have, which others do not have?
A soul. Borne by our great team, great brands and great, faithful regular customers. You don’t come to MazzuMazzu just for shopping. You feel comfortable, enjoy the time in the store and carry a bag with one or more nice clothes back home.

What do you like about your city/ your location/ your clientele?
Quite from the beginning neither the city nor the place of location were essential. What counted for us was the idea, the concept and the vision of MazzuMazzu. Our costumers drop by with the family for a cup of coffee. That’s the way we wanted it from the very beginning and we love our costumers for accepting it this way.

Where does the shopping behaviour lead toward, classic or special?
For me it’s hard to make a difference in this case. There are so many special classics as well as classical specialities. A drift is insofar recognizable as our customers search rather a whole outfit instead of single pieces. In the end the outfit has to match the customer’s style as well as the customer has to understand what he or she is wearing and for what reason.

Do you have an online shop? Are you active on social media platforms?
We don’t have an online shop. We care very well for our Facebook community, which is very important to us. News, event announcements and always new pictures of new clothes or accessories are getting constantly updated.

Do you have something like an idol store? A shop that inspires you?
There are many store concepts, which I like, but I don’t want to emphasize any of them.

Store's contact:
Kasiserstrasse 43 – 45
61169 Friedberg
Phone: 06031 - 68 617 00