The little unassuming neighborhood of Los Feliz lies just outside of Hollywood. A few years back, the area began enjoying some hipster recognition akin to other trendy communities such as neighbor Silverlake and beach town Venice. The reputation has endured and the artistic enclave houses a variety of stylish eateries and boutiques. For the past three years, Marci Siegel’s Co-op 28 has melded perfectly into the landscape, offering handmade fashions and gifts alongside vintage finds and, recently, contemporary home décor. We recently caught up with Siegel to get her take on Los Feliz shopping and her store’s unique perspective. Interview by Rebecca Paiement

Panorama impression of the store
Panorama impression of the store

How did you originally envision Co-op 28 and how has it grown?
We opened in June 2011 as strictly a handmade store with approximately 50 artists. Today we also specialize in vintage and home items and have over 125 collaborators.

Tell us about the artists you work with.
They are as diverse as the designs that they make. About half are local and the rest are from around the world.

How do you choose what you sell?
Quality, price point and uniqueness. We buy along the lines of what we really love, with a vintage twist.
Cosy atmosphere in Los Feliz
Cosy atmosphere in Los Feliz

How does Co-op 28 add to the landscape in your neighborhood?
We are probably one of the largest and best-stocked stores in the neighborhood, perfect for gift buying and now for you and your home.

Describe Co-op 28's vibe.
We are friendly, fun and funky.

What sort of feedback do you receive from your customers?
The neighborhood is so supportive of Co-op 28. We want your experience with us to be really special, every single visit. We always offer free wine, a place to sit, a quick chat and the best customer service anywhere. Our customers love us and keep coming back.

What is selling especially well right now?
Everything from bath and body, to jewelry, men’s tee shirts and vintage to custom made furniture from Apt2b.

The home section at Co-op 28
The home section at Co-op 28
What is the most difficult part about running Co-op 28?
This is a very smooth operation. I have a fantastic and supportive staff and our artists do so much to promote the Co-op.

What is the most enjoyable part?
The customers.

How do you see future expansion?
We are just growing into our home section, which only opened 10 weeks ago and, coming into our third holiday season, we are so excited.

Store's address:
Co-op 28
1728 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
+1 323 669 2828