Jörg Peter and Orhan Yildiz are both managing directors of the new Revier4 store that opened in Frankfurt on 29 August earlier this year. Located at the Petersstraße 4 they offer labels such as Gabba, Tigha, Bomboogie, 40Weft, Daniele Fiesoli, Bastille, Stefan Brandt, Moma, Hudson and Airstep. The style is cool, individual and complex, and the new store gives customers the possibility to shop, relax, chill-out and meet people. In the following interview they talk about the basic impulses that made them found Revier4 and how the Internet has overtaken the traditional information media. Interview by Tatjana von Elverfeldt

Revier4 Frankfurt
Revier4 Frankfurt
Why did you open your store? Tell us the story behind it!
Jörg: The Danish label "Blue de Genes", and to be precise the jeans "Repin", are at least partly responsible for the founding of Revier4. For three years Orhan included Blue de Genes in his "catwalk" in Wiesbaden and we thought that the rough style, high quality and cool design fitted well with Frankfurt. Together with the labels Gabba, Tigha, Bomboogie, 40Weft, Daniele Fiesoli, Bastille, Stefan Brandt, Moma, Hudson, Airstep and some others, the style of Revier4 was clear. With the premises here in the Peterstraße- the former freebase - we have found the perfect location and in September it started.

What are the most important ingredients for successful retailing?
Orhan: A coherent approach is the Alpha and Omega for a successful start and that not only affects the labels, but also the location, the atmosphere, and the people who work here. Everything has to fit to make it convincing. Fashion is an important part of the people’s lifestyle. And this feeling must be awakened or met. Then it is important to think long term.
Orhan Yildiz and Jörg Peter from Revier4
Orhan Yildiz and Jörg Peter from Revier4

What are your current bestselling labels and which are your personal favourites?
Orhan: We actually sell all our labels well. They all fit together very well and can be combined easily. Often the customers choose outfits that we put together and present. My favourite label is Tigha, Jörg’s is Blue de Genes.

How important is the denim segment for your business?
Jörg: At Revier4 denim is an important issue. As I said, the Rep of Blue de Genes is jointly responsible for the Revier4. Our assortment includes denim from Blue de Genes and Gabba as well as a nice selection of Diesel jeans and Nordenfeldt (women).

Which cuts, colours and washings are currently the most popular?
Orhan: Tight and straight cuts remain popular. Colourful and destroyed looks are out of fashion. The new trend is for cleaner and brighter jeans.

Which new labels have you added to your assortment recently?
Jörg: For women we recently added Penn & Ink, because it fits the Revier4 style perfectly.

Do customers search for their favourite brands and special styles, or do they buy spontaneously?
Orhan: Both. Rarely do customers really need a new pair of pants or a new sweater. So without the pants and blouse they could live quite well. You are not searching, you are finding products that please, convince, are different or match your character.

Where do you buy your merchandise? Where do you find trend inspiration?
Jörg: We are at the fairs in Berlin, Milan and Düsseldorf. Mostly we buy at our spot at Revier4 - the representatives come here and while ordering we see that the styles suit to us. Long since the Internet has overtaken the traditional information media.

What do you think will be the key-pieces and trends for Autumn/Winter 2013?
Orhan: Well, trends are such a thing. In Berlin for example Yellow was a big issue. Going to Revier4 you could search and find a certain style that is cool, metropolitan and understated, but still remarkable. We believe that quality is always more convincing - the materials, the processing and the design.
View inside Revier4 at Petersstraße 4
View inside Revier4 at Petersstraße 4

How do you stay in contact with your regular customers?
Orhan: We have the email addresses and mobile numbers of many of our regular customers. We also have our own facebook page, and the community is growing.

What does your shop have that others don’t?
Orhan : It would be presumptuous to say that other stores would not have it, but what we both still adore at Revier4 is the atmosphere that we felt even in the unfinished state. The huge front windows, almost 5-meter tall ceilings, wood, concrete. It’s fashionable and you feel comfortable simultaneously. Our entrance area, where you can just chill with a Wacker’s coffee or a Fritz Kola ... We wanted to create a territory for our clients, not just for shopping, but also to stay, meet and relax.

What do you like about your city and the customers in this area?
Jörg: At the moment, Frankfurt is very hyped indeed. And rightly so! When I came here 14 years ago, Frankfurt was in my opinion the most underrated city in Germany. At the time I thought it was the most beautiful, interesting and exciting city. Frankfurt has everything that Berlin, Hamburg and Munich have and also what Berlin, Hamburg and Munich would like to have.

Do you have an online shop? Do you use social media?
Jörg: Not yet, but it is planned. Social media is our main communication channel.

Is there a model store that inspires you?
Jörg : No. Sure, we are kind of a concept store, but Revier4 is very unique, nothing is copied. It’s developed from the desire to create a good shop with nice products.

Stores adress:
Petersstraße  4
60313 Frankfurt am Main
0049 (0)69 92039463