The Carnevali Group, founded in 1940 by Attilio Carnevali, has since grown into a family-run business that oversees a selection of high-end fashion stores. Carnevali is based in Brescia, Northern Italy inside a modern building that hosts designer and upmarket sportswear brands for men, women and children as well as accessories and undergarments. The group also includes four denim-focused stores called Il Passatempo, which are all based in Northern Italy in Brescia, Lonato, Curno, Erbusco and Bellinzago. The Group’s president Federico Bani believes that the key to attracting loyal customers today lays in three fundamental elements: quality, product and assortment. Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

What are your current bestsellers and why? What would you say are today’s most important trends, in general?
Rather than identifying certain bestselling items, I’d prefer to speak about our bestselling colors. The number one is certainly black, which is once again the hottest hue of the moment. Purple, green, blue and grey are significant competitors, but black is never out of fashion. Men are generally more careful while choosing fabrics and materials and pay greater attention, for instance, to the composition of wool fabrics. Women, on the other hand, prefer jewel applications, small adornments, special details and comfy fits.

Denim area in the Brescia-based Store
Denim area in the Brescia-based Store

How do you inform yourself about trends? How important is communicating with regular customers? How do you communicate with them?
Our buyers keep up-to-date on the newest fashion trends by going to trade shows, reading trade magazines, participating in fashion shows and private presentations and often by travelling in order to learn which major trends characterize markets in foreign countries. What we offer is chosen according to research, previous sales results, our personnel’s feedback and our professional intuition.

Communication has a fundamental role. Those who don't communicate don't exist. We are always in touch with our clients, providing them with the latest trends through our blog.

How does your store differ from other stores?
I think our Carnevali store is different from others because it is a true department store in that every brand is clearly presented in a space that is 100% personalized to reflect to each brand's own image. This is a favorable advantage because clients identify themselves with brands while shopping and the settings work to help them decide what to buy.

Moreover, they feel at ease because our sales personnel are never pushy and avoid putting pressure on our clients. Our salespeople are very professional and ready to guide and advise clients as best as they can, which keeps people coming back to our stores again and again.

Inside the Carnevali department store in Brescia
Inside the Carnevali department store in Brescia

What do you like about your customers?
I like observing them and seeing them leave our stores satisfied with their purchases. I can see the satisfaction they feel at finding the right item, that perfect piece that makes them feel beautiful and at ease.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package?
I'm convinced that the atmosphere, interiors, environment and similar elements are very important because they complete the whole vision and give the customer the feeling of being at home.

Carnevali Authentic Store
Via Cefalonia 77
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tel. +39 030 2425311

Il Passatempo
Via della Volta 70/72
Centro Commerciale San Carlo
I-25124 Brescia
tel. +39 030 349821