Since its opening in 2008, in the Rue d'Hauteville in the 10th district in Paris, Afwosh has earned itself a fine reputation. Store owners Emilie Renaudat and Chloé Verdé Delisle offer their customers apparel, accessories and gadgets that suit all budgets. The cryptic name Afwosh stands for ‘After work shopping’. Afwosh offers brands like See U Soon Vero, Moda Compania, Fantastica and Pieces but also French designers like Noon Fosseth, 5 Octobre, Room Service, Ameska and Melyne. We spoke to Emilie Renaudat, store owner of Afwosh about inspiration, favorite brands and customer bonding. Interview by Juliette Tafreschi

Why did you open your store? Tell us the story behind!
To propose a trendy fashion shop but accessible in style and price.

What are your current bestselling labels? Which are your personal favorite brands?
See U Soon Vero, Moda Compania, Fantastica, Pieces but also French designers like
Noon Fosseth, 5 octobre, Room service, Ameska, Melyne. I do really like the Melyne and Ameska bags.

How important is the denim segment for your store?
We have a small “jeans bar”.

In terms of denims: which cuts / shapes / washings / colors are most popular at the moment?
Overalls, destroyed boyfriends and skinnys with a high waistline.

Do customers search for favorite brands and special styles or do they buy spontaneously?
They buy it if it fits well.

Where do you order your products?
During trade shows and showroom visits.

What inspires you, where do you get your information about upcoming trends?
From friends, walking around in Paris and during fashion shows and in showrooms.

Are there any new brands which you have ordered for the first time now?
Yes, Pepaloves and Steve Madden.

What do you think will be the key pieces/ trends in summer 2015?
A flower jacket and pineapple prints.

How do you stay in contact to your (regular) customers?
We just edit a fidelity card and we use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

What do you like about your location and your customers?
We are in a developing area, really trendy, with a lot of nice places to have a drink and eat.
Our customers are very heterogeneous when it comes to fashion but not too much fashion addicted. The age range is between 16 and 66.

Are there any differences to similar stores in cities like Berlin, London or New York?
Afwosh is a kind of little independent Urban Outfitters, Tiger or Hema.

Do you have an online shop? Do you run any social media activities?
Yes, but we have to redo it! We have to do it before this summer. Instagram is the best way to follow us :)

10 rue d'hauteville
75010 Paris, France
+33 09 52 91 44 80