Same name, old purpose. Opened in 2008, The Rent Shop strives to create a concept where an ordinary store can coexist with a space where young designers can create a shop-in-shop for a fair price and without taking care of stumbling blocks like the in-store manpower or taxes. While the ordinary shop took off successfully, as it was stocking rare denim brands back then in Barcelona like Cheap Monday and Dr. Denim, the designers concept did not prosper as expected. “Maybe because of the economic crisis or the lack of entrepreneurs; this part ended up being occupied by our store,” recalls Albert Utiel, general manager at The Rent Shop. In the meanwhile, the shop has managed to establish itself as one of the few independent streetwear retail spots in Barcelona, stocking denim labels but also other names like Stüssy, Ellesse, Anerkjent, Bellfield, Soft Rebel, Native Youth and Barqet. Continue reading to find out how retail works in one of the most touristic cities worldwide right now.

From your brands’ assortment, which ones are the most successful ones?
Surely Cheap Monday, as we always bet on this brand by offering a great variety of models. All folks in this city know that when searching a trendy jean, The Rent Shop is their place. For gents, Anerkjent thanks to a good design and Vila –a womenswear label part of the Bestseller Group- due to its fast reaction to market trends and affordable prices.

How do you stay tuned with the latest trends?
Trade shows, social media, our concurrence and by following the big multibrand stores out there like Asos and Opening Ceremony.

What three features belong to a good customer service?
Firstly, you have to know very well all your product in order to recommend a client the best ones for his/her personality –we have more than 300 varieties of jeans-. Be honest and try to make the time people spend in our store as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Which social media channels do you use?
We are on Facebook and seriously consider starting an Instagram account, though taking good care of social media channels is quite time-consuming.

Do you think Facebook helps you to get awareness or is it that people hardly come across the store through this platform?
Even though the times of the Facebook-boom are behind, we still get new followers every day and receive a lot of questions through our page.

Do you plan to add any new brands to the assortment?
We are always open to new names. The most recent additions were Stüssy and Ellesse, since we believe in these labels, like their collections and last but not least, we think they’re going to be top-sellers.

How would you define your personal style?
Casual and urban.

The Rent Shop
Carrer Avinyó 12
08002 Barcelona