Nowadays, sustainability is the topic seemingly everyone is talking about, and for good reasons. And while a lot of brands incorporate the fair approach into some of their collections, others have made it their goal to produce 100% organic and fair garments.

Greentee is one of them. Founded by Darinka Radenkovic and Hein Gnutzmann, the label was created to do some good and take fashion away from the fast lane into the slower approach. Radenkovic studied fashion design in Florence, Italy, and started out with a children’s label in 2007, followed by the label Captain Skirt in 2014. And even though creating her own fashion brought her joy, the work with sustainable fashion made her even happier.

Photo: Greentee

With her first sustainable collection, Darinka and Hein offer all-time favorites with an individual twist. Timeless t-shirts for the urban, feminine and honest woman.

And this is what Greentee does differently: They don’t use conventional models, but real women. Instead of being wrapped in plastic, Greentee’s shirts come in bags made of apple paper. Also, all pieces of the collection are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and are produced in a small Polish sewing atelier close to the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania border. Needless to say, Greentee keeps their production chain as fair and sustainable as possible.

The collection features a color palette consisting of pastels, timeless vintage-hues such as shady rose, hazy lavender and misty purple, as well as some vibrant accents like Cyprian blue or Bokhara green.

The fall/winter 2016/17 collection will debut in July 2016.