Saat is a newborn men’s and women’s apparel and leather bag collection that debuted for f/w 2016/2017 at Tranoi in Paris, in January 2016.

Its name stands for the Indian word "together“ and, coincidentally, in German it means “what grows from seeds”. Founders and designers Sajna Weber and Thorsten Bulander, both previously designing for internationally renowned fashion labels, have chosen this name purposely because it sums up two points that well explain where they drew inspiration from. “Saat is the harmonious interplay of various elements that create something new,” they commented.

This collection focuses on craftsmanship, functional simplicity, classic design and modernity. It is characterized by essential lines where every detail has a meaning. It employs top quality materials like Japanese selvedge Kuroki denim and organically tanned leather from Germany. All materials are treated without employing chemical processes. For this all items carry a natural patina that conveys great character.

The collection offers selvedge denim jeans for men and women available in different fits; selvedge denim skirts, skirts and blouses and a variety of leather bags including weekenders, laptop bags, shoppers and cross body bags. Average wholesale prices are €120 for ready-to-wear and €250 for leather bags.

The brand is designed in Munich and produced in collaboration with European manufacturers, offering limited quantities in-keeping with its own craftsmanship identity.