Exkite is a poetic and sustainable outerwear brand made up of a few jackets, vests and accessories. Each garment is different from the other because it is entirely hand assembled in Italy and only made with recycled kite sails. Each garment also carries an inner label carrying information about the origins of the kite sails it is made with, who used them and similar information.

The brand was born in Sardinia, Italy, 2006 and founded by Renzo Mancini, kitesurf athlete, professional tester and developer of Wipika kite sails. Co-founder is Eirinn Skrede, Norwegian fashion designer. The brand has recently started being sold internationally and rapidly meeting success - in addition to Italy - in Spain, Switzerland and Norway. It is sold to about 30 research boutiques or other trendy stores open to eco chic trends. Prices for jackets are about €380 at retail.

Exkite mens look
Exkite mens look
Renzo Mancini talks about his brand:

What ties you to kitesurfing and why did you found Exkite?
With kitesurf it was love at first sight. In 1999 I saw an image of a kite and fell in love with it. At once I thought it was the right sport for me. From that moment on kitesurf has become a very important part for my life and it helped me growing up. I dedicated much time to this universe both as an athlete and as kite sail tester. From this originated Exkite. It was born from the desire to give life again to sails that, after being tested, were left abandoned or sent to be destroyed. Today I am still playing kitesurf in most different ways and I still participate in special contests that continue to emotionalize me highly.

Where is your brand manufactured?
These jackets carry stories with them from all over the world. In fact each garment is soaked with an immaterial component which is the adventures each sail has lived across the most beautiful places – that are those where kitesurf is practised. On the other hand each garment is completely hand-sewn in Italy.

How often do you offer it?
We are not following the classic two yearly collections. We rather offer items that can be sold all year long since they convey that special energy that comes from the adventures each sail has lived before becoming a jacket or a vest. All jackets protect from the wind those kites flew in, they also protect from monotony because each of them is different from the other and a unique exemplar.