Don’t worry when you buy a new suitcase. Now you won’t have to fear that it gets ruined because Crash Baggage offers you a sturdy selection of luggage pieces that already carry slightly visible - though cool – damages.

In 2013, Francesco Pavia, a young Venetian designer, had the simple idea to launch the new travel philosophy of the damaged case and of the “non-handle with care”, where damage is no longer a problem.

This line of baggage is available in three sizes (cabin - medium - large) with four spinner wheels and a two-wheeled cabin model available in small size. All models are functional and comfortable to use and made using some of the most advanced materials including a 100% sustainable plastic material. Pulling handles are made in aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to manage and offered in the TSA universal model required to travel to the US.

It is also equipped with a special Crash & Found system that helps recover lost luggage through a special online database available 24/7.

Initially it was only available in six basic matt colors (taxi yellow, black, red, military green and sugar blue). Now they are also offered in five new brilliant hues such as gold, silver, bronze, nude and ice white.

They are only sold through high-end fashion stores, concept stores and design stores worldwide. Among the 300 boutiques selling them (about 80 are in Italy) there are LuisaViaRoma in Florence, High-Tec and The Brian & Barry Building in Milan, Merci in Paris, Beams and Ron Herman in Japan, Le Form in Russia, Beaker in Seoul, Kapok in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Retail prices range from €179 to €249.

Crash Baggage suitcase in silver
Crash Baggage suitcase in silver