Oversize cashmere sweaters with smiley faces, love hearts or Warner Bros. characters such as Tweety, Sylvester & co. are the must haves for fashion victims this season. Created five years ago by half-Italian designer Franco Stork, German label Camouflage Couture Stork had its breakthrough three years ago with its signature smiley sweater, which retails at 720 euro. Today the new fashion brand is the brand for celebrities. All collections are handcrafted in Florence in Italy.

Besides the playful motifs the collection includes leather jackets (prices start from 1700 euro), jeans (350 euro), parkas (3600 euro) and extraordinary shoes which are decorated with studs and other rock’n’roll elements.

The new glam-rock star Franco has a great fan base which includes Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Fernando Brandao, HP Baxxter and Frauke Ludowig. The brand’s glam-rock collection is available at several high-end international retailers in Russia and Tokyo as well as at 40 stores globally, including Jades in Düsseldorf.