Premium contemporary menswear brand Yoko Devereaux has shut down, citing the economy and parent company Wing Son Garments’ own financial troubles as the reasons.

“What started as an art installation evolved into a 10-year menswear project that I have enjoyed from beginning to end,” said founder/creative director Andy Salzer. “I have worked with some of the best creatives and professionals from all over the world. I thank every single person that was kind enough to support the brand.”

Salzer added: “Ironically, there are only two images hanging in the Yoko Devereaux store – one of Farah Fawcett (the framed bikini poster) and the other is Michael Jackson (a giant detail of him off the cover of ‘Thriller’). And I got the call the same day they both passed away. I’ll take that as a sign.”

Yoko Devereaux launched in 2000 as a T-shirt brand and became a full menswear brand best known for its fluid lines, witty designs and downtown styling. The brand sold in over 30 countries and select stores such as Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom, Colette, Fred Segal, Odin, Bloomingdales and Isetan, Tokyo. It recently launched a diffusion line called yoko d, available exclusively at Urban Outfitters, and opened a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn two years ago.

Fans of the brand can visit the store’s liquidation sale through July 10.