In an exclusive collaboration with Weekday, Diana Orving has created a beautifully artistic take on contemporary women’s clothing. “I have created a collection based around what feels like the key elements of my design. This means that you’ll find draped dresses, coat dresses and tights, but I have also added a few more tailored pieces such as the coat and a pair of trousers,” says Orving. A self-taught fashion design who first started to sell her handmade clothes at boutiques in Stockholm as a teenager, Orving’s talent was unmistakable and soon the Scandinavian fashion press was hailing her as the new kid on the fashion block. Since then she has presented her collections at several subtly innovative fashion shows curated herself. Diana Orving has also participated in exhibitions and last year was awarded a prestigious grant at the Stockholm Fashion Week. Her creations are characterized by layers and draped fabrics which created a dressed feeling and look. Orving takes inspiration from the way everyone makes decisions about what they wear based on how they wish to be seen by others. Dance and movement are two additional important sources of inspiration. The Swedish designer’s pieces can often be altered in their construction and worn in more than one way. Her designs allow the garments to adapt to the body in a flattering way. The new collection by Diana Orving will be on display at all Weekday stores starting August 26.

About Weekday
Weekday is a chain of retail clothing stores. Apart from Weekday’s in-house MTWTFSS collection, the stores also retail Cheap Monday and Weekday Vintage. In the spring of 2009, Weekday launched its new Weekday Collaboration concept. So far these collaborations have included designers such as Carin Wester, Nhu Duong, Nakkna, Mini Market, Ali Zedtwitz, Stine Goya, and Peter Jensen.