During the lastest edition of Bread&Butter, specialist Italian denim manufacturer TRC Candiani, have presented a new high-performance stretch denim made with nylon 66, the same material employed for stockings. The newborn fabric is part of Candy Fibres, the company's selection of most innovative soft-touch denims made with high-technology fibre mixes.

It is available in 8-10 oz. variants and is a 24% nylon-76% cotton mix. "It is a high-performance stretch denim that avoids sagging while maintaining a perfect recovery even after long use," commented Alberto Candiani, owner, TRC Candiani.

The launch of the new fabric took place within the Laboratorio workshop presented for its second edition at Bread&Butter inside the Urban Base area between 15 and 17 January 2013. The aim of the project was that of displaying the refined quality of "Made in Italy" denim and related manufacturers such as Interwashing Group (Elleti), Italian laundry working for high-end brands, and Okinawa, specialised textile accessory manufacturer. Visitors could put to use the know-how of the Laboratorio's experts to create a custom-made pair of jeans "live" during the show. The initiative was also made possible thanks to the involvement of garment manufacturer Confezioni Crivellaro and metal button specialist Cobra.