Lifestyle brand Tom Tailor has expanded its e-commerce range to more European countries. Customers in France ( and Belgium ( now can buy the Tom Tailor products online. Thus, together with Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, the company is represented with online-shops in five countries. “The e-shop is an important economic engine for our company. In the last three years, the business volume of the Tom Tailor e-shop increased by 62%,” Dieter Holzer, Chairman of Tom Tailor, said.

Tom Tailor was founded in 1962. Since then, the company offers fashion under the device ‘Casual fashion for a casual life’. Together with their lines ‘Tom Tailor Casual’ and ‘Tom Tailor Denim’, they release twelve collections for women, men, teenagers and kids. In 2010, the fashion group had 158 own stores, 175 franchise stores, 1,441 shop- in-shops and over 6,000 POS in 35 international countries. The online shop was launched in 2007.