The Brandery, the trade show for urban fashion in Barcelona, has sounded the bell for a second round in 2010. The show will take place Jan. 27-29, 2010 on the fairgrounds of Montjuic.

Organizers expect the exhibition space to be double that of the first edition in 2009, where 113 brands and 9,715 visitors took part.

The show will be divided into four areas: The Fira, the place where brands showcase their ideas; The Brandtown, the chill-out zone of the show; The Laundry, an area of creation and innovation; and The City, a space for events, launches and parties associated with The Brandery.

In line with the theme of the “American New Deal of the 30s,” the trade show is setting its sights on brands that count on quality and the power of their image, as well as sellers that can adapt their range of goods to fit the needs of customers. Organizers are hoping overall to reinvent the traditional fashion trade show concept. The Brandery is equally expected to play a lead part in the fashion markets of Southern Europe.

—Helena Sauer