Be it due to the current crisis in Italy, be it for other reasons: For the next edition of Bread & Butter that will take place Jan. 18-20, 2012, some Italian denim brands changed their trade show plans.

Meltin'Pot confirmed they won't be in Berlin this time. Owner Augusto Romano commented: “We won't participate in the next edition of B&B for the simple reason that we are concentrating on new projects and products that are requiring lots of resources. And in times like these - when resources are limited - we decided to concentrate on product research and development, and thus have to skip shows, we will participate in, for the upcoming seasons."

Diesel is still trying to find an alternative to the traditional participation in the event. Diesel's owner Renzo Rosso explained: “We are discussing a solution together with Karl-Heinz Müller in order to find some more modern concept or some different way to participate in an event which is the most interesting of this segment. If we do find an interesting solution we might participate this January. If that won't be possible, we might skip this edition and return next July."

Though not officially confirmed by the Italian headquarters, but according to rumors circulating in the industry also Replay will not participate in the January edition of Bread & Butter.