Note to self: Today is International Fluevog Day. Celebrating 39 years in the business today, Canadian shoemaker John Fluevog is offering free shipping on web orders today. If you’re near one of his 10 stores, stop in and receive 15% off regular priced items. You can also join the brand at 5:15 pm on 5/15 for refreshments, balloons, outfits, loud music and outrageous costumes with like-minded Fluevogers. Says Fluevog, “I can't believe that International Fluevog Day has become this gigantic world phenomenon. When it first start 39 years ago, I had to buy myself my own International Fluevog Day present. I think it was a complete set of Edgar Allan Poe. Now, it’s just out of control. I get e-cards from politicians all over the world. Rod Stewart called me yesterday asking if he could come and sing 'Happy Fluevog Day' to me. It's like 'Wow'!" Fluevog Day is said to combine the best parts of every special day and holiday rolled into one — the love of Valentine's Day mixed with the celebrations of New Year's, the fellowship of St. Patrick's Day and much more.