German shoe brand Sioux has developed a new interior concept which is both applicable to the label’s own retail shops as well as to their external shop-in-shop points-of-sale. The concept was developed together with store construction company Kraiss and has been implemented for the first time at Sioux’ most successful German store in Stuttgart, which reopened on October 13, 2011, after almost three weeks of renovation work.

“We want to implement the new store concept together with our retail partners in as many shops and shop-in-shops as possible. We have invested a lot of time and thoughts in the topic of store construction and want to present Sioux in a fresh and modern way,” explains Klaus Schinle, part of the company’s advisory board.

The furnishing of the store in Stuttgart is designed in corporate colors and made out of high-class materials. Anthracite carpeting and red real leather seat coverings are combined with shelves showing bog oat and shiny white elements. Technical innovation is reached by the use of a flexible and energy-efficient “Shift” system by Kraiss which combines high and low voltage cables to be tapped from any favored spot. This way, it is possible to implement and control LED lighting elements as well as monitors or digital displays all at the same time.

According to Sioux, a special feature that is interesting for the company’s franchise or business partners is the easily exchangeable system. Background themes and printed fabrics can be switched quickly and the electronic displays can play any desired content from ad campaigns to digital price tags or additional product information.

Sioux was founded in the Swabian town Walheim in 1954. Starting with the exclusive production of moccasins, the company emerged being one of the five best-known German shoe brands in the past 50 years.
New Sioux store concept
New Sioux store concept