With the Denim & Fashion hall, a new area focused on younger casual and denim collections had its debut at CPM (Collection Première Moscow) trade show in Moscow (Sep. 5-8, 2011). About 50 brands presented their summer 2012 collections, among them were, for instance, M.O.D, Rich & Royal, S.Oliver, ADenim, Cipo & Baxx, Antique Rivet, More & More and Silver Jeans.

Orders directly made at the show were kept on the same level as last season as buyers seemed to remain in a stable mood. Even though the frequency in the hall was rather low, exhibitors -mainly the Russian distributors of the labels- were satisfied with the results: “Business is different in Russia,” says Akin Erdogan, owner of the denim brand M.O.D. “There is less traffic, but the clients that come usually run multibrand store chains and so their orders are quite large. You might make a big part of your business after having sold to only two clients a day because the orders are huge.”

Denis Stupp, Managing Director of the brand Rich & Royal, that is about to open three stores in Russia, sees potential for the new area: “It takes a while until people realize there is a new specialized platform for denim at CPM. But then it will be well-accepted.”
Denim & Fashion hall
Denim & Fashion hall

Likewise, organizer Igedo Company sees the Denim & Fashion space to become a growing area in the next seasons: “This is just the start. We know some things need to be improved but since the Russian market has a demand also for mid-price brands of the younger fashion and denim segment, we will strongly work on attracting more brands to Denim & Fashion,” explains Christian Kasch, Project Manager of CPM.

All in all, at the 17th edition of CPM 48,000sqm of space were occupied by about 1,400 menswear, womenswear and kidswear collections, with exhibitors from 32 countries. In general, the segments were divided into national pavilions supported by each government. The number of visitors who came mainly from the CIS countries reached 17,500 in total, a minus compared to last year’s September edition with 18,300 visitors and the February '11 edition with 18,400 visitors.

The next edition of CPM will run February 28 to March 3, 2012.