Kapraun Ledermoden (kapraunledermoden.de), a 45-year-old German company known for its fine leather, has taken over the international product license for design, marketing and the worldwide distribution for Romeo Gigli’s (romeogigli.it) men’s and women’s fur and leather collection.

Featuring prêt-à-porter fur and leather designs with sophisticated material mixes, the first Romeo Gigli fur and leather collection made by Kapraun Ledermoden will be produced for f/w 2007-08 and presented to buyers in spring 2007.

Salvatore Di Bella, Kapraun’s head designer, is currently creating the summer collection 2007, which will give a hint of the characteristic style of the new brand. It is currently being shown until August 5 and from August 28 until the end of September at the Romeo Gigli showroom at Via A. Fumagallo 6 in Milan. “Romeo Gigli fur and leather is a distinctive and innovative designer brand, especially tailored for avant-gardists who prefer an individual life-style and appreciate fashion and design on a high quality level“, says Di Bella.

Women’s styles will include jackets, coats, suits, blouses, tops and trousers in high-quality leather and textiles. The wide men’s selection will include jackets, sports jackets, coats, shirts and vests.