American footwear brand Red Wing Shoes opened its first store in Hamburg. 30 years ago, the brand had established the first monobrand store in Frankfurt. In 2009, it launched a “lifestyle” shoe store in Berlin, in cooperation with Brandenburg and Knipschild. The retailer duo is the official licensee of Red Wing Shoes in Germany but created the store on its own. With this very same concept, the shoe retailer in Hamburg distributes around 60 models from the European Lifestyle Collection, including a workman’s shoe classic, an interpretation of archive models, as well as American and Japanese special editions. Beyond that, the store offers very small sizes in order to respond to women’s needs, and also larger size shoes for the ones with very big feet.

The store is a mix of the future and the brand’s 100-year old history. Berlin-based company Incomedia was in charge of the store concept. The result is a remembrance to the heritage of the workman’s shoe - a combination of the charm of the Industrial Age, the 1930’s and the 1940’s. The counter has been exclusively produced for this store and is upholstered with special Red Wing leather from Minnesota.

Red Wing Shoes was founded by German immigrant Karl “Charles” Beckmann in 1905. His working ethos - quality without compromises - can still be felt in the products. All shoes have been manufactured in the USA and many of the models haven’t been changed throughout time.