Project founder and advisor Sam Ben-Avraham has stepped down from his role and named Andrew Pollard, formerly of Diesel and Sixty SpA, his replacement. The company also said it is suspending the upcoming New York show in July and relaunching the premium denim and contemporary platform with a new, “entirely unique and compelling structure” in January 2011.

“Our vision has always been to be a ‘placemaker,’ an influential destination that unites an industry and provides a compelling experience that inspires growth, both creatively and commercially,” wrote Pollard in an e-mail. “As the new President of Project, my first move will be to address the changing marketplace. Project plans to pause, re-asses and re-define how our community does business by creating a new show format that will maximize the experience and value delivered. To that end, we have chosen not to have our New York show this July.”

Pollard confirmed that Project Las Vegas will still run this August and plans to offer previews of the January show at that time. Registration for the August 17-19 show is said to be up significantly as a result of new brands joining the show.