Jan Valdmaa has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of O’Neill Group. He will replace interim CEO Tom Heidman, CEO of Logo International B.V. which acquired the O’Neill Group in May 2007. Before Heidman took over the interim position, Andreas Adenauer led the newly formed company after the takeover, with its new worldwide headquarters in Amsterdam. Adenauer left the company at the beginning of this year.

Born in 1955 in Sweden, Valdmaa started his career at Adidas, where he headed up the Sports Apparel Business Unit before working his way up to the position of EVP Global Marketing. In 2000, Valdmaa left Adidas to join Helly Hansen as CEO. Having overseen the successful sale of the Nordic outdoor sports brand in 2006, Valdmaa was appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Integrix Sports Group, and only six months later assumed the role of CEO. During his time at Integrix, Valdmaa played a key role in restoring the fortunes of Fila, the iconic Italian and now South Korean-owned sports brand.

Valdmaa, who continues in his role of Chairman of the Board of Integrix Sports Group, will take the helm at O’Neill Group on Jun. 1, 2009.

—Regina Henkel