Organizers of the Off-Price Show announced a special new marketplace section within the show, namedThe Village’. This section is for buyers wishing to meet up-and-coming and newer fashion suppliers. The Village presents buyers with an exciting selection of first-time exhibitors at the Off-Price Show, showing a wide variety of innovative apparel, jewelry, bags, fashion essentials and shoes. The area will also feature its own café, as well as a special ‘clinic’ answering enquiries from newer smaller retailers who want advice on buying, e-tailing, training and other store- and online-related issues.

“The Village will be an exciting and busy place for buyers to meet up-and-coming companies who may be appearing at a fashion trade event for the first time. And for suppliers wishing to appear in the Village, we are offering special launch terms to first-time exhibitors,” said Scott Purves, Event Manager of the Off-Price Show.

Off-Price Show has been established in the UK more than 10 years ago with an edition that was added recently in Poland. It offers trade buyers discounted fashion clothing, branded and unbranded casualwear and accessories.