Following its closed-door acquisition of Triple Five Soul in April, New York-based Ocean Star Apparel confirmed plans today to reintroduce the heritage streetwear brand at S.L.A.T.E., the streetwear platform, in Las Vegas this August.

In a statement today, Clement Leung, Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Star, called the integration of the brand a “natural fit” with its manufacturing competencies.

Founded in 2003, the vertical supplier, from design, yarn and warehousing to development, manufacturing and marketing, is a private partner of one of the largest knitwear mills in the world, Fountain Set Holdings, as well as that of cut-and-sew manufacturing giant, Tai Yar Garment Industry Co. Ltd.

Working closely with several of the brand's original talents, the company is aiming to maintain Triple Five’s original integrity as it evolves and expands its base of domestic distribution. Longer-term goals include a two-year plan of establishing flagship stores in major international markets.

"We are confident that integrating the design and marketing skill sets of Triple Five Soul into our vertical supply chain will quickly make the brand a powerful asset to our U.S. and international distribution bases,” said Leung.