Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita has made the surprise announcement that he is shuttering his menswear line Number (N)ine. The Tokyo-based designer said his decision had nothing to do with the economic crisis and instead was a personal and creative one. “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished,“ he wrote in his announcement to the press and his clients. Miyashita will secede from the group and with him the brand will end.

Number (N)ine started 12 years ago in a back alley of Tokyo. Over the last decade, it evolved to one of the leading menswear brands in Japan and showed at Paris Fashion Week. The last show on Jan. 22, of the F/W 2009-10 collection, was critically acclaimed by the press.

This collection will be produced, confirmed the company. Alexander Supertramp, representative director of the brand, said, “Though this is the closing act, we hope that the tracks of Number (N)ine will continue to resonate in the minds and memories of all.“ He ambiguously added, “We don’t know yet what the future will hold, but keep looking and Takahiro Miyashita will surely appear somewhere.“

—Barbara Markert