There will be three new spaces – Poodle, Frank and the Fashion Inspiration Lab – at the next Brussels Fashion Fair (, which will showcase menswear and womenswear in Brussels on January 23-25.

4thAvenue and Abe have become Poodle, a urban fashion market that combines jeanswear, streetwear, outdoor and hip-hop with avant-garde street and clubwear brands. Poodle will feature a brand new booth concept.

Frank, a specialized menswear section, resulted from the demands of national and international brands and visitors. In addition to booths, Frank will feature numerous showcases – separated spaces where silhouettes are exhibited throughout the show. People interested in these collections will find the details about where to find them in the other halls.

Finally, BFF’s Inspiration Lab is the result of its new strategic partnership with Ad!dict Creative Lab. This international renowned laboratory continuously crossfertilizes different creative disciplines, and thus serves as a source of innovation and inspiration. Ad!dict Creative Lab is doing research and has the help and input of more than 4,000 international members.

The Fashion Inspiration Lab will take on "Food" as its theme. There, creative researchers will combine food, design and fashion in a unique environment. Special exhibitions as well as tasting and viewing experiences are also planned.