Insight and Sport Finance, the owner of licenses for Kappa France, Spain and Portugal, have teamed up on an exclusive licensing deal for Insight’s European territories including France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Insight’s European operation has seen significant growth in recent years with an average 28% growth season-on-season and 62% total growth in the past 12 months alone.

Mark Byers, Insight’s CFO and Owner, said: “We have nurtured Insight to the point where bringing on a strategic partner is the best and most viable way to achieve the forecasted expansion. Sport Finance has the credentials to cultivate Insight’s future growth and we’re thrilled to announce them as our European partner.”

Moving across to Sport Finance as Insight’s CEO will be Stephane Vinolo and Rip Curl’s Franck Goudou as the brand’s new European Marketing Manager.

The license comes into full effect under the trading name Bleach Europe Distribution SARL effective Jul. 2009.

—Melanie Gropler