Italian shoe brand Naturino has launched a foot measure technology available as a free iPad application, “Measure your child’s feet”.
Depending on age, children’s feet grow by two or three sizes every year. It is important therefore to measure feet every two or three months, because often children will not complain about shoes that are too short or pinch. To check the shoe size it is not enough to press down on the toe of the shoe because children will generally pull back their toes automatically. That is why Naturino recommends using a foot measure device to measure not only the length of the foot but also to leave enough room for toes to move freely.
The “Measure your child’s foot” App created by Naturino is simple to use: With your child standing on the iPad, place the heel against the line drawn on the screen and move the cursor to the tip of the foot. Hit OK to display the size.
The app can de downloaded at