White, the women’s apparel show from Feb. 28 to Mar. 2 in Milan, will take place in two locations – in Via Tortona 54 and the former nearby industrial area of Ansaldo. The event, which will be supported by the city of Milan, will host about 350 brands (about 150 in the previous edition) and occupy an overall space of 4,500 sq. meters.

“I think that White is the future,” said Massimiliano Bizzi, organizer and founder of the show. “This fair, born eight years ago, is appreciated by significant Italian and international fashion insiders and buyers. Such fast growth (consider that 2,000 companies asked to participate in this edition and we selected 350) is confirmation that fashion insiders consider Milan a fundamental place to place their budgets. They love our city for its numerous and beautiful stores and for its many showrooms.”

White, which drew 12,000 visitors last September, usually tends to turnover at least 30-35% of its exhibitors. Now it wants not only to be a unique attraction but also guarantee quality, innovation, creativity and deliveries from its exhibitors, said Bizzi.

“The offer of the fair is wide and varied,” added Simona Severini, general manager, White. “We are trying to offer very different products – from accessories to sportswear and also create small projects and ideas that can grow and even slowly [become independent],” she said, referring to White Homme and White Kids (see our previous report on Feb. 4, 2010).

White will present 65 Italian brands, including Giorgio Brato, Mauro Grifoni and Ilaria Nistri, as well as international labels such as Ukraine’s Vozianov Atelier, Croatia’s Silent by Damir Dorma and Tanzania’s Magò – East Africa.

Other projects hosted by White are White Beauty and White Odore, a unique project and special atmospheric fragrance that can also be created for single stores, and other beauty brands that can match fashion and retail needs together.

Selection by C.L.A.S.S. is also an exhibiting area dedicated to new products and materials that are sustainable and appealing at the same time.

Meanwhile, White in collaboration with Vogue will present a selection of eight upcoming designers. Among the designers are Alain Q (I), Coliac Martina Grasselli (I), Cornelian (J), To Long-Nam (F), Norwegian Rain (Norway) and Julian Louie (USA).

—Maria Cristina Pavarini