To celebrate the new look of their online shop, Meltin’Pot launches the project ‘Style me up’. Twelve individual and international bloggers and stylists will create a calendar with unique Meltin’Pot looks for every month. Each blogger will create and shoot three different looks for the brand which will then decorate the ‘shop window’ of the brand’s e-shop. Besides the different looks, you can find styling tips for the season ahead. The bloggers can also choose a top ten of their favorite outfits. All these exclusive total looks will be available on for a limited period of time.

The project kicks off with the infamous Tokyo-based duo, Dan Bailey and Kazuaki Joe, which are real Tokyo dandies. After the founding of the Tokyo dandy style in 2008, they are dominating the fashion and party scene around the gap between street style and high fashion. Bailey and Joe shot their three looks at Trump House in Shibuya, the place to be for Tokyo nightlife. “We wanted to focus on denim as a uniform classic which allows you to show off your accessories, your body and, above all, your personality,” the duo said.