Spanish fashion company Mango has announced the opening of a new store at the El Prat airport in Barcelona, Spain. Located in the shopping area of Terminal 1, the store has a size of 595 sqm with 371 sqm serving as sales floor. The store reconstruction will cost about €315,000. In addition, Mango will be running a special showcase campaign at the airport which started in June 2011 and costs about €290,000 per year.
Mango has continued its growth strategy and maintains its spread across the international travel retail industry, with airport shops in Duesseldorf, London, Madrid, Manchester, New Delhi, Zurich, San Francisco, Beijing, Orlando and Nanchang. That makes 13 airport stores globally. Daniel López, member of Mango's administrative board and head of the company’s expansion department, commented: “Since Mango is proud to call Barcelona home, we are very happy that we won this competition. We feel that this airport's image fits our own and we see great potential in this location.”
Mango's 2011 fiscal year closed with a turnover of €1,408 million, which is an increase in revenue of 11% compared to the previous year. Mango opened its first store in 1984 at the Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona and today runs 2,400 stores in 107 countries. In 2012 Mango will enter the markets of Myanmar and Pakistan, thus becoming the most international Spanish fashion company to date with presence in 109 countries.