With the opening of its first flagship store in Germany the Italian label Liu Jo is taking a significant step towards developing its brand in the German market. With a turnover in 2008 of €196 million, Liu Jo opened seven flagship stores in Italy and 17 abroad in the first ten months of 2009. Other stores will be opened in China through to the end of the year, while a wide-ranging retail strategy targeting foreign markets will be developed over the next several seasons, which includes the opening of single-brand shops in the largest EMEA cities. The brand possesses more than 120 stores in Italy including flagship stores, corners and over 2,000 multibrand points of sales. The opening of a store in Düsseldorf, no less, is part of its strategic retail expansion. “This new shop means a stimulating starting point for our new phase of growth in Germany. Our objective over the next three years is developing the presence of Liu Jo on the territory through a plan envisaging the opening of point of sales in important strategic locations. We believe that Germany is a fundamental market for our brand internationalization project,” said Marco Marchi, Liu Jo President and Head of Style. Liu Jo’s new store, located in Benrather Straße 18/20, opens on Nov. 5. The range of goods on display will include Liu Jo, Liu Jo Jeans, Liu Jo Accessories, Liu Jo Shoes, Liu Jo Underwear and beachwear collections.

—Helena Sauer